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Sotw: Chibi Shea and Althea with Wolf by SilverHyena
Sotw: Chibi Shea and Althea with Wolf
The guy on the left is Shea and the girl on the right is Althea.  They're the main protagonist of an rpg game by Winter Wolves called Seasons of the Wolf.  In the first act of the game, one of them (depending on who you're playing) bonds with a wolf.  I thought it'd be cute to draw them together.  I was only going to draw Shea at first since I'd already drawn Althea, but I thought players who played her would like having an alternate version.  So here are both of the twins. :P
SotW: Chibi Althea by SilverHyena
SotW: Chibi Althea
I actually drew this awhile back, but I held off on posting it since I figured I could give the game a little free advertising when the game officially came out (I drew it while it was still being developed).

Anyway, if you don't know, this lovely little lady is Althea, one of the possible protagonists of Seasons of the Wolf, an rpg game by Winter Wolves.  I enjoyed the heck out of it so check it out.
RC: Secret Santa -- PetrifiedBerries by SilverHyena
RC: Secret Santa -- PetrifiedBerries
For :iconrepubliccity:'s Secret Santa event.  I got :iconpetrifiedberries: so I got to draw her lovely character, Jai. :D

Here's a link to Jai's profile in case you're interested: 

<da:thumb id="491442608">
Danganronpa 2: Fuyuhiko by SilverHyena
Danganronpa 2: Fuyuhiko
I'm in love with the Danganronpa games and have been meaning to do some fan art for it for awhile now.  So when I decided my facebook photo needed to be updated I drew my favorite character from the second one which is Fuyuhiko if you hadn't figured that out already. ;D  I put Peko in there too if you can't tell who it is in the background there.
Saya Profile Copy by SilverHyena
Saya Profile Copy
An updated profile for my character Saya from :iconrepubliccity:  (It's an awesome group.  Go join!)
He is now an airbender and I upped him a year since I figure some time has passed over the course of the Legend of Korra series. :3

Name: Saya

Age: 23

Nationality: Ba Sing Se

Affinity: Air



Due to his job as a messenger he spends most of his time going back and forth around the city. In order to make the more urgent deadlines he has unintentionally become a good runner.


Since he works as a messenger, Saya is used to seeing a lot of Republic City's civilians. He approaches them all with a friendly attitude and when he's not in a rush he often stops to talk. Because of this, he's made many friends on the job.


Saya lives by himself so he's had to adapt in the cooking area. He actually enjoys it quite a bit-- especially when people join him for meals.


Friendly and laid back, you'll hardly ever see Saya in a bad mood. He tries to make the best of things no matter how grim they appear to be. He can be a bit nosy, but that is because he's genuinely concerned about everyone's well being. When given a choice, Saya always takes the peaceful route, even if it means demeaning himself or letting people take advantage of him. You'll probably never see him angry, but that doesn't mean he doesn't get mad. He appears to let a lot of things slide, but in reality he keeps a mental list of people who have wronged him and the people he knows. If an opportunity comes up to backstab these offenders, he won't hesitate to take it.

RP Sample: (I'm sorry. I meant to make it shorter...)

Saya lifted his bag of groceries to avoid a collision as one of the neighborhood kids, Lee, went for his leg. The black haired boy clung to him, getting Saya's pants wet with what he assumed were tears. Saya frowned. That wasn't a good sign. In all the years that Saya had known him, he'd never known Lee to be a crybaby. Saya adjusted the bag so that he was carrying it in one arm and then used the other to pat Lee on the head in what he hoped was a comforting manner. "What's wrong, Lee?" Saya asked gently.

"My dad," Lee struggled between sobs, "his store..."

Saya nodded, an understanding already starting to sink in. It had to be one of Republic City's gangs. He hadn't heard as much from them with all the equalists around these days, but they were still a problem. There was no way Tsai would pay them the protection money. He had too much pride. Why did Tsai have to be so stubborn? Not that it was easy to get the kind of protection money they asked for. "Let's go see your dad together, alright?" Saya suggested. Lee nodded.

Together they headed over to the antique store. It was in ruins-- nothing Saya hadn't seen before. Old man Tsai stared at the pieces of shattered glass and assorted rubble scattered on the floor, a vacant expression on his face. It hurt Saya to see him like that. He had always been a strong man. He'd worked so hard over the years to get the shop going. The benders who destroyed it didn't know that. They didn't care. They just did whatever they wanted. Saya hated that. He took a deep breath and then put his anger aside for the moment. Anger wasn't going to rebuild Tsai's shop. Saya walked up to Tsai and placed a hand on the man's shoulder. "You know, it's not going to fix itself," Saya said, "Let's get to work. And afterwards I'll make us all a nice, home cooked meal, alright?"

Tsai smiled weakly. It was a start, but Saya knew it would be awhile before Tsai would be able to smile like he used to. It always took longer to rebuild things than it did to destroy them.

Additional Info:

-He isn't an Equalist, but he is sympathetic towards the Equalist cause. He knows and likes a lot of benders, but he has seen too many injustices caused by them to think that the world would be a better place with bending.

Update:  The sudden discovery that he has the ability to airbend is causing some serious conflict for him due to his long held beliefs that bending isn't worth the problems it causes.  He's trying to ignore the problem by simply not bending.  Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.  Kou on the other hand is delighted and has been attempting to help Saya out with it-- though airbending is a far cry from earthbending.

- My other character, Kou, is his cousin.  (His profile: Kou (… is his cousin.)

-He has relatives that are earth benders. They live in Ba Sing Se.  

Update:  Saya hasn't heard news from his family since the death of the Earth Queen and the chaos that followed.  He's currently a bit worried about their safety.

-He works as a messenger within Republic City. He delivers local mail and packages back and forth to places satomobiles and other vehicles can't reach easily.

-Despite being sympathetic to the Equalists, Saya deeply respects Lin Beifong and her metalbenders since they keep up the peace as best they can.

-He knows his name is girly. Don't tease him about it. He'll get irritated, even if he doesn't say it to your face.
(Yes, this is just an excuse to update my journal...)

So, along with being generally lazy I've been playing video games!  Hooray!  Anyway, I've been fangirling and have no one to direct that energy towards so I'm going to gush a little bit here.

I actually finished Dangan Ronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc awhile ago, but I keep thinking about it because it was that awesome.  If you haven't heard of it before and are wondering what the heck I'm talking about, it's a game for the psvita (in the usa anyway.  I think it might have been for an earlier system in japan, but I digress.) where a group of students are stuck in a school and the only way they can escape is by graduating which means, get this, they have to murder one of the other students and get away with it.  It's got some Phoenix Wright elements to it with the trial portions and all the characters are pretty cool (which makes it all that much more horrible when they die).  Anyway, it's a great game and if you have a psvita you should totally pick it up.  And if you don't... Well, there is an anime.  I still need to check it out, but I imagine it's worth watching.

I also picked up South Park: Stick of Truth.  It has met all of my weighty expectations!  If you like South Park, I'm pretty sure you'll like the game.  It's got the same wonderful (and highly inappropriate) humor and looks exactly like an episode.  You also get tons of customization options that you can change on a whim.  You can't actually be a girl, but don't worry!  You can dress like one and there are lots of options for it.  There are a lot of great episode references too.  For instance, I'm running around town with a David Hasselhoff face.  I'm having a lot of fun with it.

Then there is Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2.  It ends in a horrible, horrible spot.  I can't wait for the next episode.  And guess who isn't dead?  That's deep spoiler territory so I won't say anything, but I will unleash a cheer of happiness!  Anyway, telltale games continue to impress me.  I can't wait to see what they're going to do with Game of Thrones.

Other cool games I've been playing, but am not going to talk about because I've gone on long enough:  Tales of Symphonia Chronicles (I got the super special awesome edition, and believe me, it's super special awesome), Wolf Among Us, Virtue's Last Reward (late to the game on this one, but it's really cool so far), and so on and so on.


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